Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Love is in the Air

"Love in in the Air" is the fabric line of this quilt.  It was a layer cake quilt along from Moose on the Porch.  It was lots of fun to make, especially because I love the fabric.  I liked the directions she gave for setting the squares together.  They are actually from a different quilt along by Moose in the Porch.  It makes a 12 block quilt into a twin size quilt.  I also like the way the white and brown "frame" the blocks.
I am going to show you a close up of each block and it's quilting followed by a photo of the quilting of that block from the back side.
Next block...
Sometimes you can see the quilting better from the back.
This quilt was the first really "custom" quilting I have done.  I hope to do more of this on my future quilts.
This is one of my favorite quilting projects.  I was still new at quilting and am proud of my first attempts at some of these designs.
I used a stencil on this block.
Who doesn't love a heart block.
This is  a long post, but I wanted to show every block.
I did straight line quilting in the borders.  It makes a checker board in the corners.
I had a few extra blocks.  I put them on the back.
The back is really pretty too.  I don't have the label sewn on yet, but I will get it posted when I do.  This quilt was for my lovely granddaughter, Brooke.  Her favorite color is pink.  I finished this quilt in August of 2012.  It's about time I gave it to her.  I just wanted to love it for a while.  She still has plenty of time to use it.
Finally, here is the label.
 I also wanted to put a link to the finishing pattern so others could find it if you wanted to make a twin size quilt with 12 blocks.
One happy quilt recipient!

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