Monday, April 6, 2015

Brielle's Cowboy Doll Quilt

This doll quilt is the beginning of the Odds, Ends and Leftovers Quilt  by Gyleen Fitzgerald. I actually just started sewing squares together and when I finished I realized I had the middle of Gyleen's quilt done.  I decided to add the corners to make the doll quilt larger.  I never actually intended to make her whole quilt although it is a beautiful pattern.   
The back is made just using my leftovers.  These fabrics are from my "I'd Rather Be a Cowboy" quilt.
 A close up of the corner.
 A close up of the center
I quilted the owner's name and the date in the corner.
As always, a label.  For whatever reason, my colors aren't true.  I think it is my camera.  They are much brighter and clear in person.

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