Thursday, August 27, 2015

Before I Die.......

Last night I was sewing a label on one of my quilts.  My husband asked me if I had finished making quilts for all my grandchildren (14.)  I said no.  He asked who had them and I listed the 4 who I have finished quilts for.  He said, "Don't you think you should finish them before you die?"  Just to clear things up, I am not dying or sick or anything, but his comment got me thinking.  If I was to die tomorrow, what quilt in my "unfinished" quilt list would I want done.  I have been working as hard as possible to finish the "unfinished" quilts (15.)  There was only one on the list that made the "Before I die" list.  That was my son, Tony's, Luigi Quilt.  I got that quilt out last night after my husband went to bed and started working on it.  I am also going to make a list of all the "Before I Die" quilts and put it on the side bar of this blog.  I have two children who still need wedding quilts. I have 10 more grandchildren and a son who need quilts.  I also want to make t-shirt quilts for all my children (6.)  Then there are the three quilt tops my grandmother made.  My mother gave them to me 20 years ago because she thought I was the only one of her children who would make them into quilts.  That's 23 quilts on the before I die list.  I think I better get started.  I am 60 years old already!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Snowball Wall Hanging

 This is a wall hanging made from scraps.
 I did the quilting on my Tiara.
 Someone suggested putting a stick on the top and the bottom to help it hang straight.  It really works.
 The back looks good too.
After all is said and done, a label finishes it off.  

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Starlight, Starbright Quilt- My first commissioned quilt.

 This is my first commissioned quilt.  The customer picked the charm packs.  I picked the pattern -Starlight, Starbright.  
It was quilted on my Tiara, quilting machine.
I used my Line Tamer Ruler to quilt the straight lines.  It was simple quilting, but looked very nice.  The customer requested to have no label, so it doesn't have one.  I had left over fabric so I made two pillow cases to go with it.  I hope they like it.  It took me 6 weeks of my time to make it.  Next time I make a quilt on commission I plan to charge $.20 a square inch.  I have done my research and that is the going rate for a quilt like this.  This quilt had a "friend" discount on it.  

Monday, June 15, 2015

Wave Quilt

 This quilt was made from 3 inch squares.  They were just scrappy and just no planning in the colors at all.  I just loved how this quilt turned out.  I love the movement.  It currently hangs on my wall.
 I love the look of wave quilting and wanted to try it on this quilt.
 The quilting was easy and fun.
 These are scraps from a family quilt.
 My daughter in law will look at this and say, "There is my Purse!"
 There was no rhyme or reason in the color selection.
 I like pieced backs.  The wave looks really good on the back too.
Close up of the back.  The label will come after I decide who gets it.


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