Friday, January 16, 2015

Travis' Disappearing Nine Patch Christmas Quilt

My son, Travis, finished this quilt recently.  It was made from Christmas scraps from my stash.  The pattern is the Disappearing Nine Patch.
This is the quilting on the back.  Label soon to come.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Reach for the Stars Quilt

 Bryson was born into a room that was decorated by solar system accessories.  I made this quilt to match his room.  His brother has lime green sheets.
 I am really proud of the border quilting.  I used a very contrasting thread and my quilting still looks good.  
 The back also looks good.  I ditch stitched the pinwheels and also quilted diagonally across the plain green squares.

It's just not a quilt until it is labeled.  

Monday, December 15, 2014

It's a Party Pink

I made this quilt at one of our Quilting in the Country Quilt Retreats.  It was a very simple pattern.  They had everything cut out and I just sewed the parts together.  I actually finished the top years ago.  I sent it to a quilter whose husband got cancer.  She kept it a year.  I really wanted her to quilt it because she is so good, but I asked for it back and got Kathy Wolfe to quilt it for me.  I didn't want to quilt this one myself.  It is really big and I didn't think custom quilting would go here very good.
This is a close up of the quilting.  It's a little hard to see, but click on the picture and it will get bigger.
Here is a picture of the back.  You can see the quilting really good.  I will post a picture of the label when I get it done.  This quilt will go in a pile to be wedding quilts for my grandchildren.  I finished this in June of 2014.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dolly Dress Up #6 - Katrina

This is my 6th Dolly Dress Up.  I entered it in the fair and someone asked for the pattern.  There really isn't a pattern.  I used the ideas from the "Circle of Nine" book, "Dolly Dress Up" fabric by Holly Holderman and I designed my own quilt.  You could make a quilt similar by using the "Circle on Nine" concept and any other fabric with pictures printed on it.  I don't think this fabric is still available. I am considering another quilt with the same concept, but  different pictures.
This quilt was made for my church calling on the baby committee.  One of our congregation had a baby and this is the quilt given to her.  We only have 3 or 4 babies a year so making a quilt for them is realistic.  My daughter's congregation has 3 or 4 a month.  That would be hard to keep up with.  
If you look real close, the babies name is in the top red checked section and the year is in the top white section.
Just a close up of the corner.
Another corner.
As always a label.  These Dolly Dress Up quilts are some of my husbands favorite quilts that I make.
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