Wednesday, November 11, 2009

1st Quilters Annonymous Meeting

There were three of us quilting for several days in a row. One of the other quilters got a text from a friend that read. "You aren't answering my texts. You must be at that Quilter's Annonymous Meeting." We all got such a laugh. It is an addiction, but I don't think any of us want to be cured yet.

This quilt top was started by one of the other girls. She had the middle done when she came and we helped her with the borders. It is her first quilt. It is made from a "Love is in the Air" layer cake.

This is the back. This panel comes with the "Love Is In the Air" collection.

Click on this photo to see the quilting.
This was quilted by Merlene at Nelda's Quilt Shop.

Another shot of the panel.

Here is a closeup of a square. As you can see one layer cake is surrounded by another layer cake cut into four strips. The corners are 4 1/2" squares.

We added a 1 inch quiet strip, a 6 inch border and a 6 inch corner stone. I really like the look that the quiet strip and corner stone add to the quilt. I have never used a corner stone on any of my quilts. I think I will use more in the future. We got the idea from a class my dil took. I know it is an old established way of making quilts, I just haven't used it myself.

Here is another quilt from the same pattern. The same girl made this one and completed it at our retreat. She has only just started her quilting journey, but hasn't she done a great job.

Here is her label.

The same quilter made these two rag quilts before she came, but added the borders and labels at our retreat. The quilts are for twin boys.

Our third quilter took her quilts home before we could photograph them. One was her first pieced quilt. I hope to get picture to show later. My role in the retreat was just as a teacher. I didn't do anything for myself.

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