Thursday, July 23, 2009

Extra Large Buttercup Bag

This is the extra Large Buttercup Bag designed by Rae. I took her advise on how to enlarge it. I have made all three sizes of her bags and I like this one best. I just like to carry lots of stuff. Some friends of mine helped me choose the lining when we were visiting Tubac, AZ. We drove to a quilt store in Green Valley. I would have never chosen this lining without their help. When they put it next to the outside fabric I had chosen, I knew it was the perfect match.
This is the first bag I have made with a magnetic snap. I do like them. They are easy to install and will make the bag a better bag. I also lined the glasses pocket so the glasses wouldn't get scratched. I put elastic in the tops of the pockets. I saw it done once on someone's blog and I like the way the pockets lay. I think things will stay in the pockets better. This is the nicest insides of a bag I have ever made. I think I am getting better at this bag making.
This is the inside of the bag. I really like the pockets I made. Notice the quilting on the inside of the bag. I used fusible fleece to line the insides of the bag and then quilted a diamond pattern.

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fabricartist21 said...

I really like your buttercup bag. Yes I can see the quilted diamond pattern. Your quilts are just gorgeous too. I am going to have some giveaways so keep me in your faves.


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