Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Sister's Bag

My sisters and I had a sister's reunion. Somehow during the event we eventually started making bags. This is the bag my baby sister made. She hasn't sewn since she was a little girl. She did a fabulous job on her bag.

This is a side view of the bag. There were pockets on the sides as well. The pattern was for a diaper bag, but if you change the fabric, it makes a perfect adult bag as well.

All the sisters loved the inside pockets. There was a pocket for everything. Baby sister even made a pocket large enought to put her laptop in.

1 comment:

Adele said...

Is the "baby sister" said in a positive way !!!

I just got the fabric in for the "Love is in the Air"

I'm going to lay it all out and send you pic's and call you....think the green might have to play a larger role....The fabric is even more cool in person.


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