Saturday, February 29, 2020

Eden's First Quilt

It was Eden's turn to learn to quilt. She came the day of Thanksgiving, November 28, 2019.  Will was on his way to hunt and it was a good time for her to come.  She was so excited.  She chose fabric strips from my collection.  She loved choosing the fabric.  She almost bounced as she sewed.  She kept saying how much she loved it.  It's fun to teach someone who is so in love with the project. 
 She also looked through my stencils and chose the way she wanted it quilted.
 Click on the photo to see the quilting better.
Her finished quilt on top of Brielle's quilt.
She also made pillow covers for Audra for Christmas.  She was happy with the way they turned out and Audra uses them on her bed every day.

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