Friday, May 2, 2014

Bali Star Quilt

I made this quilt at our Quilting in the Country Quilt Retreat.  I just loved the fabric.  
When I first started quilting, I thought every corner had to match exactly.  On this quilt, if it didn't match I took it out and redid it.  Fortunately I have learned to match corners better and also learned not to resew them unless it is really bad.  I quilted around the design.  I was going to quilt more, but after stitching in the ditch, I was finished.
I did quilt a fun pattern in the piano key border.  I loved the way this turned out.
More piano keys.
Click on the photo and you can see the quilting better.
A better shot of the quilting.
As always, it isn't finished until it's labeled.
I was going to give this to a grandchild, but then decided I liked it to much and kept if for my self.

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phillysblarney said...

Colleen I luv it. You have inspired me to start mine.


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