Thursday, April 21, 2011

FMQ Challenge

I have joined a Free Motion Quilting Challenge. We are posting our progress here: This full size quilt is the first thing I plan to quilt in the challenge. I am currently doing the ditch stitching. I plan to do stippeling in the light background so the star and the squares will puff up. I used wool batting. I am also planning to do feathers in the orange triangles of the second border. I don't have any ideas for the outside border yet. Do you have any ideas?

This is the back of the quilt. I like to use the leftovers from the front to make my backs. I really like this. It ends up being a two sided quilt.

1 comment:

Jo Mama said...

I love this quilt Aunt Colleen. Very beautiful! Can the stippling be done on a regular sewing machine? It's one of my goals to learn to do that this year.


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