Sunday, October 11, 2009

So You Sew Fun Lantern Bag

This is my latest bag. My friend, Kathy had a bag like this. I just loved hers. I love my new bag too. I made a larger version than she did. I love the way the pink fabric peeks through the pleats on the front of the bag. This fabric is from the So You Sew Fun line.
I made a larger version than Kathy did. I didn't realize how big it would turn out. It is actually a very good size for a diaper bag. See the 12 inch ruler by the bag.

These inside pockets have a flap with velco to shut it. I find I like a few pockets that close. Maybe next time I will try a zipper pocket.
You can also see the snap closure. See the loop I added to clip your keys to.

The black pockets are lined with fusible fleece to keep sunglasses and phones from being scratched by whatever is inside the bag.
I lined the straps with one layer of batting and one layer of craft pellon. I learned this from a pattern by Lazy Girl Designs. I am hoping it will create a soft strap that holds its shape. The one I made with just batting is losing its shape.
Once again, I just love my bag!


The Lunt Family said...

I like this one! It looks great! You are an amazing seamstress!

fabricartist21 said...

I like your bag also and I make bags and sure do enjoy it.


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