Sunday, August 9, 2009

Buzz Saw Quilt

I have finally finished my Buzz Saw Quilt. I started it at "Quilting in the Country" Quilt Retreat last October. I am so happy to have finally finished it. I have worked all year at completeing the projects from retreat, but I get sidetracked with other things I want to make. I am trying to finish everything on my UFO list before I start something new, but a birthday or something comes up and there go my plans. It is fun anyway.
If you have never made a buzz saw quilt, this is a nice quilt to make. It takes only a small piece of many different fabrics. You take a 6 inch half sqaure triangle and cut it into 4 strips. You also need one full strip of the color you are using. You reverse the order of the strips and sew them back together. (It is really hard to describe something that is easy to show in person.)
The piano border is made of strips from the same fabrics in the quilt. I did add one extra color to make the border big enough. I also used that color for my backing. I wish, however, that I had used white muslin as the backing. I will remember that the next time I have white on the top.
And as I always do, I added a label. I try to give as much information as possible. I also have included washing instructions because I want my colors to last as long as possible. I may not be the person washing it. I have also read some terrible quilt washing stories. Go to this site and read a really sad one:


Vickie said...

Oh my goodness Colleen that is beautiful-I so love the colours you have used-stunning effect,cheers Vickie

Barbara said...

I love your buzz saw quilt, it is beautiful. Thanks for posting the instructions for the block, I can already see one in my future quilting.

Annette said...

This quilt is gorgeous!!

Mary said...

Great colors in your Buzz Saw quilt and a great label. The butterfly quilt is very fun!
Mary in AZ


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