Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Butterfly Fling Quilt

I just love this quilt! I know I feel this way every time I finish a quilt, but this one is really fun. I think it is because I love butterflies. This line of fabric is called Butterfly Fling from Moda.
I used a layer cake to make the front of this quilt along with 15 inches of fabric for the pink squares. I saw this quilt at our "Quilting in the Country Quilt Retreat" last year and several of us wanted to make it. I think at least one other person from the retreat has made this pattern. It is an easy pattern. You choose layer cake square and then match it with another square that you will cut in 4 pieces to outline it with. I actually cut all my pieces first and layed them out before I started sewing. I changed the pattern slightly by making my pink square different from the original pattern. One of the hardest parts of making this quilt is deciding where to put your fabric. It is fun arranging the colors, but sometimes difficult to arrange everything so it looks just right. It was also a fun task though.
This is the quilting done by Merlene from Nelda's Quilt Shop. I asked for daisies and butterflies to match the fabric and this is the design she came up with. I love it, don't you? The color in this picture is wrong. See the next picture for a more true picture of the color.
I am a firm believer in labels. Sometimes I feel like I am writing a book instead of a label, but I want to include all the information. My labels are made by Nelda at Nelda's Quilt Shop.

I hope you have enjoyed this quilt. Like I say, I just love it.


The Lunt Family said...

I have the same layer cake fabric! I love this quilt! Can one of your granddaughters in my house have it? = ) You are amazing! I can't wait for Ris to start school & my class to start so I can start sewing again!

Millie said...

It is a beautiful and fun quilt. Love the butterflies and quilting too!

Christine said...

Love the way you do your labels, great idea.


Adele said...

I love it......I am gonna look for my rotary cutter mat and ruler today then I will start on the Love is in the Air layer cake.

fabricartist21 said...

I just love the butterfly fling fabric by moda. your quilt is just beautiful. You have some beautiful quilts on your blog. I have a new blog and I am inviting you in to be a follower. I will be having a giveaway in December and you might want to take part in it. thanks and I will be taking a peek at your blog frequently.

Eric and Katee said...

I love your quilts! you are so inspiring. I am just getting involved in quilting (much to the excitement of my mom!) and its so much fun!


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