Saturday, May 2, 2009

Youthful Poll

I was having a hard time deciding which bag I liked best and which bag my daughters-in-laws and daughter would like best. I showed the Sultry bag and the Schlep bag to the physics teacher and she said that possibly the material in the Schlep bag was more what people our age would like. Sooooooooo, I took my 18 year old son the the fabric store with me. He picked out some fabric that the most stylish girl in school would like, or so he thought. Last night his friends were over. There were 7 different girls. I showed them the bags and took a poll on which they liked best. There were some surprising results, at least surprising to me. The two most stylish girls loved the Schlep bag. This surprises me because most older people who see it aren't attracted to it. Personally, I love it. Some liked the Pink and Green Bag. This is my personal favorite. I really like the size and pattern of this bag. I also love the stitching. I think it makes the bag. Almost everyone loved the Sultry bag, which didn't surprise me. And the stylish girls also liked the bag that is still being made from the material my son picked out. It was from the "So You Sew Fun" line of fabric. I probably won't finish the "So You Sew Fun" bag until next week, but you can be looking for it soon. I think I am done making bags until my girls see them and decide which they like the best. I want to make them bags for this coming Christmas.


clare's craftroom said...

Hi just came across your blog and I like your bags . Great idea to have a poll amoungst the teens .

Adele said...

When I left Wyoming one of my coworkers gave me a bag she quilted for me. I will bring it to the reunion so you can check it out. I love it !


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