Saturday, May 16, 2009

Large Buttercup Batik Bag

This is the front of my large Buttercup bag. I increased the size 130% like Rae suggested and this is the bag I got. It is a really good size. It is the size of a medium size handbag.

The button on the bag is from my mother's button collection.

I like the way this strap turned out. The multiple stitching just really looks professional.
This is the back of the bag. Because it is Batik fabric the print is different in every part of the fabric, so you can get a different bag from a piece of fabric just by cutting out the pieces in different parts of the fabric.

The inside of the bag has three pockets. One is small for a cell phone or keys. The other two take up a whole side of the bag and are as deep as the bag.

Here is a picture showing the difference in size of the two bag.
Thank you Rae for sharing your pattern. She is at


The Lunt Family said...

Those turned out really nice! You are so talented!

Roslyn said...

All your bags are terrific, love them! i would love to make one I have really cool patterns, I just can't seem to drag myself away from the quilting........


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