Friday, March 6, 2009

Quilt Hangers

Yesterday I bought some quilt hangers to hold my quilts up with. I came home and hung two of my quilts in my sewing room, one above each bed. I still plan to give them to grandchildren, but this way I can enjoy looking at them for a while. They make quite a statement. I didn't even take down the pictures that were hanging above the beds. That way if I take the quilts down, they will still be hanging. This is my Jungle Quilt.

This is my Dinosaur Quilt. The Mystery Quilt top I am working on is laying on the bed. It is ready to take to be quilted.

This is the whole room. As you can see I have raised my cutting table to be a more comfortable height. I just took 4 number 10 cans and set the table on them. This is just the right height for a cutting table. My back doesn't get sore from bending over to cut all the time. The closer bed holds the pieces of the Buzz Saw Quilt that I am currently working on.


2ne said...

Nice blog you have. Have a creative day

Kristie said...

Love the quilts on the wall and on the beds! I wish I had more space to display mine!

Love the idea of raising your table!

Millie said...

I love your work space. Just last month I add a curtain rod in my studio to hang quilts and hang the quilt over the picture that was where. I love the table you have for a cutting table and how you raised it with cans. Great ideas!


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