Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spring Flowers Scripture bag

 My cousin, Julie, asked me for my scripture bag pattern.  I don't have one and just made a bag from looking at another bag, so I told her I would make a bag to send her so she could look at it to make her own bag.  One of these bags is for her.  Basically  you just:
0. Start with a placemat and a matching napkin
1. Sew up the side.
2. Sew across the corner to make the square bottom.
3. Sew across the top of the bag at the seam to hold the seam flat.
4.  Press the bag in a box shape.
5.  Make a handle using the napkin.
 I cut a 4 inch strip of napkin. 
I leave the hem at the bottom of the handle, but cut the side hems off.
I press both sides to the center and add a 1 inch strip of batting.
I like to topstitch  the handle a lot. I think it makes a prettier bag.
6. Sew the handle to the bag through the button with my sewing machine.
I just tape the button to the handle and pin the handle to the bag.
I sew right through the tape.
I put my stitch lengh on 0 and adjust the zig zag to the button hole width.
 To make these two bags I used two placemats and a matching napkin.  The napkin is used to make the handle.  I believe I bought these from Kohl's.  They have very nice, expensive placemats and napkins that usually sell for $6 or $7 a placemat, but I bought these on sale for less than $2 a piece.  Most of the sale items I bought at Kohl's were only $1.  So you could make a bag for $2.  There is also a plastic canvas rectangle at the bottom to add support.  You can cover it if you want, but I chose not to cover mine.
Here they are side by side.  The pattern is just what was printed on the placemat.  They aren't exactly alike.   Her R.S. was planning on using these to give to the girls who are graduating from high school.

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