Monday, July 30, 2012

Love At Home Quilt

This is probably my first real scrap quilt.  I got this pattern from a folk art quilt book.  They suggested using gold for the neutral to make the quilt more of a folk art quilt.
This is my back.  I often use 10 inch squares of my scraps to make a back.
This is how it fit on my double bed.
I used scraps from my scrap pile.  You can see I let every scrap in, even the dinosaur.  I did try to put darks in the 5 position and lights in the 4 position.
I free motioned the quilting on the houses. I did use 2 dots in each heart to "aim" for in my quilting. I also used some straight lines to help me keep my roof lines straight.
Here it is on the back.
I use one of my heart stencils in the tree tops.

This shows you some of the variety in the 9 patches.
I threw a few brights in also.  I think it gives the quilt life.
More houses.
I used a stencil in the border.  I love this quilting.
This is a better view of the heart border.  This border was also pieced from scraps.
Another heart stencil for the corner squares.
And as always a label.  It took me a while to post about this quilt.  It is one of my favorites.  I'm not sure I can part with it.

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