Saturday, May 5, 2012

Reunion Doll Quilt that Brooke bought

 I need some things to donate to our family reunion auction. This quilt is hand quilted.  I wanted to try to do some hand quilting so I could use my evening time better.  I actually did all my quilts by hand until about 3 years ago.  I didn't use a frame though and that is new for me.  I didn't use a hoop either.  I think the hand quilting turned out really nice.
The back is just some 10 inch squares that I had cut out for another project and didn't use.  I tried to match the colors from the front.  Then of course there is a label.


Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Very cute quilt! All those little corner line up so nicely.

Kathy H said...

It turned out really nice. I have a hoop for hand quilting. Did you like not using a hoop?


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