Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rainbow Crumb Quilt

I made these blocks from my crumbs.  I got my inspiration from here.  A funny story goes with it.  I was sorting these small crumbs into color piles on the kitchen table.  My husband walks in and says, "What are you doing with that garbage?"  I started laughing.  It did look like garbage.  I called my sister and she laughed too.  The next day I showed him what I had done and he oooed and awed appropriately. 
 The following are closeups of the blocks.  They are all 6 1/2 inch squares and are really square.  The photos are just "off " square a bit.

I haven't been through all the colors yet.  I still have green, yellow, red,..........

1 comment:

Kelli said...

Your blocks are gorgeous! I love scraps and the idea of rainbow crumbs is so great! :o)


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