Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pretty Ribbons Quilt #1- Desiree

I started making the nine patches for this quilt and stopped.  They were way to busy.  I decided to put them on the back of my quilt.  I then started making Pretty Ribbons #2.  After I finished Pretty Ribbons #2 I got the nine patches out and tired to make a back for it.  This is the result.  I just "winged" it without a pattern, using the fabric I had left over.  When I finished, I just couldn't put it on a back.  It became a "front" again. 

 Here is a closeup of the quilting.
 If you look real hard you can see the daisies quilted on the red.  I need to learn to choose thread better.  I want my quilting to show a little, but not take over the quilt.  I used gold thread here, but it just disappeared.

 The back of the quilt shows off the quilting.

 I used 10 inch squares for the back.
It's hard to see the quilting, but it's there.
 I hope you can click on this to see a close up of the quilting.

This quilt is going to a granddaughter born this year.  Her sister named her "Pretty Ribbons" before she was born.  She came home from the hospital without a name for a week and was known as "Pretty Ribbons" during that time.  She has since received a name, but we still love her as "Pretty Ribbons."

This quilt went to Desiree.


Dirt Road Quilter said...

What a sweet quilt! That fabric is so happy and your story is precious.

loralie said...

Very pretty.
I do quite a few 9-patch scrap quilts.
I like your border fabrics.



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