Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fun and Done Machine Quilting Practice 1st Installment

When I decided to learn to machine quilt, I needed to practice. I have serveral "Fun and Done" patterns. I thought that would be a good way to practice my quilting. If I messed up a block, I could just throw it away. Believe it or not, I quilted all these blocks in the same day. I was reading Diane Gaudanski's book and she told you to quilt the pretty flower on the left. I did it extremely well compared to the quilting I did on the other three blocks.
I will tell you the name of the book I used to make these blocks after I get better at it. If I told you now, you wouldn't buy the book, but I really do get better, and the book I used is really great.

I just need more practice here.

Once again, I need more practice.

I think it is unbelieveable that I made this block the same day I made the others. I think the principle here is that smaller curves are easier to make. I use a varigated pink and white thread here.

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