Thursday, May 20, 2010

Smiling Daisy Quilt from Shake Rattle and Roll - Cyndle

This is my Smiling Daisy Quilt from the pattern Shake, Rattle and Roll. The pattern gives you directions to make the pattern pieces, but depending on how you put them together you get a different design.

As you can see, I did my own machine quilting.

This quilt was not easy to quilt. This pattern inside the flying geese is supposed to be easy to quilt, but I had problems with it.

I was proud to do my own quilting. I will get better with practice, but I have to make more quilts that aren't "perfect" before I get better.

The back of the quilt is also this fun print.

Some of my favorite quilting was these butterflies. I practised them several times before I put them on the quilt and they turned out really good. (See inside the red cornerstone.)

It is hard to see the quilting in this busy print, but I just quilted a swerving line with long leaves on it. There are long leaves in the print, so I thought it fit the quilt.

I love this quilt. I have one of my girls saying they are going to have to have a baby girl next so they can choose this quilt for her. I don't do the labels on the baby quilts until the babies are born so I can put their names on they.

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