Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cowboy Potholders

I made these potholders with the plan to give them as gifts. I spent most of the day making them. I know that is a lot of time, but I sew slowly. After they were finished, I just couldn't part with them. I decided I needed to make something else. I know I shouldn't cling to my things so much, but I just want to enjoy them a little longer. Maybe they will be gifts later.

I was hoping you could see the quilting. You can if you click on the photo.

Same thing in yellow. Just click on the photo for a better view.

The center half triangles are the left overs from the flying geese on my BOM 2B for the Steeple Rock Stitchers. I just can't throw away perfectly good triangles.

My husband liked the back better than the front. (Click on photo to see the quilting. ) I think he
just likes the western print.

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